Chiropractic Testimonials

"Been going here for years since I was a child with my mom and recently started going again and just went today and discovered some back problems I didn't know I had and Dr. Cram explained to me what he was going to do and how best to treat it. I'll recommend this to anyone because it has worked so well for me as a child and now as an adult. Both Dr. Hill and Dr. Cram are awesome!"

- Melissa S.

"I had never been to a chiropractor before, but Dr. Cram is great and has my
back feeling great. It used to take my back a while to adjust when I laid
down, but since I started, That has not been an issue."

- John E.

"Dr. Jake treated us and we talked on the way home how welcoming the staff is and how inviting the whole office is. We are very pleased with the care we received and look forward to a long relationship with Dr. Jake and Hill Chiropractic."

- Diane C.

"After years of shoulder pain and stiffness it was starting to cause pain into my back. I decided that enough was enough. I went to see Dr Cram and I'm so glad that I did. Within a couple visits, my shoulder movement had greatly improved and my pain had disappeared. I didn't realized how much it had affected my day to day life, simple things from putting on jackets and my belt to washing my hair were no longer a struggle, and my work has been so much eaiser since I started getting adjustments. I went from years of almost no movement to completely normal pain free movement in my left shoulder, it feels great now. Thank you to Dr Cram."

- Al T.

"Dr. Cram has done an excellent job, I most definitely feel much better. My mobility is back and I can walk so much faster and even jog. I'm so happy I went to Dr. Cram and I'm glad to recommend them to everyone."

- Chester S.

"Josiah was born by c-section at 38 weeks. He was born at 8 lbs 1 oz, but dropped to 6 lbs 14 oz by his 4th day. He struggled to eat, would no longer latch to breastfeed and it was extremely difficult to arouse him to even try to feed him. He began receiving adjustments with Dr. Cram at 8 days old (yes, 8 DAYS!). He initially gained slowly, but within 2 weeks was significantly more alert, was nursing without any difficulties and began to quickly gain weight. He's a healthy 10 weeks old now and doing fantastically! We have definitely appreciated the care he has received! Thank you Dr. Cram!"

- Bridget B. for her son Josiah B.

"My wife brought me into the office in agony due to a sharp pain in his back and down my right leg. I couldn't even get out of a chair myself let alone go to work as a truck driver. When I did walk, I was leaning way off to the left because I wasn't able to stand up straight. Dr. Cram gave me an evaluation, took x-rays, and got me adjusted. After the first visit I could already feel relief. Now through 5 weeks, I'm just about back to normal, I'm able to stand up much straighter, walk normally, and go through my day without pain."

- Leon B.

"I was experiencing pain that interfered with my life; I couldn't sleep, normal housework was challenging, my long walks became a thing of the past, and I was exhausted. Dr. Cram listened intently and asked questions to get a detailed account of my complaint. He then took x-rays and explained what was causing my condition. He then adjusted me swiftly and with no pain. I am now in the care of the kind Dr. Cram who always takes the extra time to listen to all of my questions and address all of my concerns and I'm feeling so much better."

- Peggy W.

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